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Custom Shirts in colors, patterns, & weaves

Custom Shirts

Custom Shirts in colors, patterns, & weaves

A large variety of many different colors, patterns, weaves, and materials of cottons, silks, microfiber, blends.

Options include dozens of different collars & cuffs, including variety of french cuffs, double button cuffs, convertible french cuffs, box front, flat front, hidden button front, hidden button (button down collar), wing collar, european collar, wide spread, narrow spread, as examples.

Variety of monogram choices available. Clients appreciate extra long shirt tails and *reduced* shirt materials under the arm allowing for comfortable range of motion when arms are reaching out.

True custom allows for fashion forward design including the use of different shirting materials for different parts of the shirt, ie: inside collar, under cuffs, inside front shirt placket of different color/materials than body of shirts.

Some of the features:

  • Over 14 measurements just for shirts alone
  • Removable collar stays available
  • Formal, dress, business, and casual
  • Monogram choices for placement & font

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Quality tailoring


Multiple choices of quality grades available depending upon your personal preferences.

Fit utilizing over 36 measurements


36+ Measurements, in addition to your fitting preferences, ensure a comfortable fit in a flattering look.

Wardrobe Planning Services


We take care of the details so you don't have to. Wardrobe planning, ordering, fittings, alterations (if needed), and delivery.

Thousands of choices in styles, options, and fabrics


Thousands of choices in styles, options, fabrics: comfortable Tropical weight wools, cottons, linens, cashmeres, microfibers, blends, plenty to choose from. You choose what you want and how you want it styled!

Made in the USA quality manufacturing and tailoring facilities

Made In The USA

Made in the USA quality manufacturing and tailoring facilities.

  • Custom Suits
  • Custom Shirts
  • Custom Blazers & Sport Coats
  • Custom Trousers
  • Custom Tuxedos

Convenient Shop at Home or Office

Convenient Shop at Home or Office

Shopping at home or office provides lots of convenience saving you time and energy. No more fighting with traffic, or taking time out of your day going from store to store only to find you haven't found what you are looking for.

Custom Trousers

Custom Trousers Superbly Matched Up With Custom Shirtings

Having a variety of colors in your custom trouser wardrobe has many benefits.
Some include mixing and contrast color matching with your blazer and sport coats.

For example, not counting suits, utilizing a very simple core wardrobe of 6 trousers with a navy blazer and a sport coat with a white shirt can yield 18 different combinations. Then add a blue shirt to double that to 36 different combinations.

Proper wardrobe planning improves choices, saves time by simplifying what to wear, creates great looks, and increases garment longevity.
Benefits include:

  • Create additional wardrobe combinations
  • Adding garments increases wear longevity
  • Adding multiple identical colors allows for reduced dry cleaner trips
  • Add styling variety: Some with pleats & cuffs, some with plain front & no cuffs
  • Perfect for busines, casual, golfing, and special events

Quality tailoring

Client Comments....:

"Shopping is FUN and EASY when everything fits me well."

Tom C.   Orlando,FL.
Fit utilizing over 36 measurements

"I like ordering suits and shirts right in my office from you, saves me time and I enjoy looking great."

L. S.   Maitland, FL
Wardrobe Planning Services

"Thanks for really listening to what I wanted, and following through with on time delivery consistently over the years."

Bob B.   Lk. Mary, FL
Thousands of choices in styles, options, and fabrics

"Your suggestions of using certain colors to help position my best foot forward in court, has paid off for me over the years, thanks for the great service."

S.A.   Winter Park, FL
*Trial Lawyer
Made in the USA quality manufacturing and tailoring facilities

"Thank you for the great service. We both love the way your suits and shirts feel, fit, and look. We are very happy and will recommend your service to others, thanks again."

Dr. & Mrs. S.   Lake Nona, FL
Convenient Shop at Home or Office

"These fabrics feel so good, I love wearing them everyday."

J. B.   Orlando, FL
*Commercial Development
Custom Shirts, Suits, and Trousers from Prestige Clothiers

"Now shopping for my husband is much simpler. I pick out what I would like to see my husband wear, and they take care of the rest."

Mrs. Robert L.   Longwood,FL
Convenient Shop At Home or Office

"I used to shop out-of-state until a friend recommended your services to me 6 years ago. Having my previous purchase sample swatches handy on file, even away from the closet, helps in matching and building my wardrobe. I no longer duplicate or mis-match materials when re-ordering."

Tom W.   Orlando, FL
*Information Technology
Tropical Weight Lightweight Wool That Feels Cool & Comfortable
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Discover and Enjoy the Luxury of Wearing Quality Custom Suits, Shirts, Blazers, Sport Coats, Trousers, Vests, Top Coats, Smoking Jackets, Tuxedos, Formal Wear, and Related Custom Garments From Prestige Clothiers.